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Over 15 years of serving small businesses efficiently!

Dear business OWNER,

Are you feeling let down by your IT support?

Imagine this: you're running your business, doing what you love, but then, IT problems pop up. Maybe it's a glitchy network or a software puzzle that just won't fit. And who's there to help? Sometimes, it feels like no one.

You might have tried getting help, but ended up feeling more like a number on a screen than a valued partner.

We get it.

It's tough when you're doing your best, but it feels like you're speaking a different language to those supposed to help.

If you're like most Melbourne small businesses, you just wondering

"How can you make our day-to-day operations easier, give us peace of mind around security and backups, and ensure there is someone there to solve IT emergencies."

15 years

In operation. We've been at IT for a while.


Clients stick with us for over 10 years!

You deserve someone who not only gets the technical stuff but also gets you. Someone who's there when you need them, not just when it suits them.
That’s us!


We make IT worries a thing of the past.

Back in 2007, fresh out of uni and buzzing with ideas, I stumbled into something that felt more right than anything else before. It started with a small job, helping a local business sort out their IT. That job didn’t just open my eyes; it sparked a realisation.

So many small businesses were out there, trying to make their mark, yet struggling with tech that should be helping, not hindering their journey. That’s where the idea for epochLABS was born.

We wanted to be that helping hand, the friend in the tech world small businesses could lean on for support and guidance. It wasn’t just about fixing problems; it was about building partnerships and being a part of their growth story.

Aidan Furlan
CEO, epochLABS

We’re all about supporting small businesses with a personal touch.

We could easily be a perfect fit for you if this is you:

Based in Melbourne

With a team of between 10 and 40, looking for reliable tech support

Looking to get expert IT solutions, without the crushing price tag

Tired of being treated poorly, ready for true care

Want a local, expert team to keep you secure, productive, and ahead

Why you'll love working with us

10 big-hearted reasons we’re here for you

We’re putting the SUPPORT back into IT support. These reasons show just why we’re the go-to IT team for your Melbourne CBD business.

Over 10 years, still going strong

We’ve been in this together with our clients for over a decade. It’s more than business; it’s a partnership we treasure. You can be sure you won’t be treated like just another “number”.


87% stick with us, year after year

Clients choose to stay with us because they know we’ve got their back, no matter what. We don’t just claim to care, we do.


Get direct access to senior techs

No hoops to jump through; just a straight conversation with an engineer who knows their stuff and understands what YOU need.


No lock-in contracts – all service contracts are month-to-month

We want clients to stay because they LOVE us, not because they can't leave. That's why all our service contracts are month-to-month. We consciously put in the work to impress you and earn your trust.


Solutions that fit you perfectly

Like a tailored suit, our tech solutions are customised to fit your business just right, making everything run smoother.


Your first month's fee is on the house!

For the first new customer to sign up each month, we offer our services entirely free of charge for the month (Ts and Cs apply).


Backing up what matters most - guaranteed

Your data is as precious to us as it is to you. We make sure it’s always safe. With our state-of-the-art systems, we’re fully equipped to safeguard your precious data.


Round the clock support, no matter what

Middle of the night or crack of dawn, if you need us, we’re there. No waiting, no fuss. We’re available to your team round the clock, and onsite when you need us to be!


Free Microsoft 365 management, on the house

Get your licenses through us, and we manage it all for you, at no extra charge. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.


Free infrastructure audit and vulnerability scan

We start by understanding your current IT setup to identify how we can help you best, right from the get-go. The best part is, we provide this for free.

Brendan Lowrey

"Great IT firm that is providing research and development services, and products for Footscray innovation projects. The technicians are very friendly, helpful and professional. They are currently developing new breaking technology in blockchain and smart contracts that are designed to innovate for the future."


Hear from a happy client

"The technicians are very friendly, helpful and professional..."

Meeting all your IT needs

Your IT worries, handled with expert care.

Some of our services to businesses like yours

Responsive Help Desk Support

Proactive Network Management

Reliable Backup Solutions

Strategic IT Consulting

Bespoke Software Development

Seamless Microsoft 365 Integration

"We prioritise you"

Get the support you deserve

Over 15 years of serving small businesses efficiently!

“I remember starting out, feeling overwhelmed with everything except my passion for making a difference. Now, we’re here to take that tech stress off your plate.

With our personalised approach, we’re not just another IT provider; we’re your partner in growth. Think of us as the friend who’s always ready to support you with tech that makes your life easier and lets you focus on what you do best.

Fill out the form below, and let’s chat about how we can help your business thrive, without the IT headaches. I’m excited to see all we can achieve together.”

You deserve efficient IT Support!

Ready to discuss our stack of time-sensitive offers?

Fill out the form for a free IT consultation and discover how we can tailor tech to finally meet your needs.

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