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Redefining the IT support experience of Melbourne's small businesses

In 2007, I saw a gap in the market – most small businesses had access to only cookie-cutter and unreliable IT services. Armed with a passion for technology and a desire to make a difference, I founded epochLABS.

The mission? To provide small businesses in Melbourne with reliable IT support and bespoke solutions tailored to their unique needs. And so far, we've taken the lead in revolutionising the IT landscape for small businesses.

Our team of experts is not just equipped with technical abilities but is also genuinely committed to your success. From resolving complex issues to implementing transformative solutions, we'll be right there with you every step of the way.

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We strive for perfection in every aspect of our service delivery.


We uphold honesty, transparency, and reliability in all our interactions.


We ensure to understand and prioritise the needs of our clients.

We always put our clients first...

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Client retention over fifteen years


Helpdesk tickets fully resolved under 24 hours


Meet our leaders


Aidan Furlan

Aidan holds a Bachelor's in Computer/Cognitive Science. With 16 years of experience in the IT industry, he spearheads transformative IT solutions for diverse industries.

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Support Technician

Irfan Mohammed

Irfan specialises in computer networks and boasts eight years in maintaining Microsoft servers, supporting various business applications and virtual environments.

Strong partnerships, better solutions

We team up with leading technology providers to bring you the best in IT solutions. These partnerships mean you get the latest solutions and expert support.

Our story

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Our foray into managed IT services

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, and with a focus on open-source and Linux solutions, we aimed to cater to the growing tech scene in the city. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Global Financial Crisis loomed just around the corner.

Despite this unexpected challenge, we successfully navigated the economic downturn, offering Melbourne businesses cost-effective IT solutions that not only met their needs but also helped them thrive in tough times.

Beyond open-source solutions...

To broaden our service offerings beyond open-source solutions, we formed partnerships with key industry players.

This strategic move allowed us to enhance our portfolio and provide a more comprehensive range of IT services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Helping local businesses adapt...

We stood alongside the Melbourne business community as it navigated the shift towards virtualisation, cloud computing, and remote work models.

By offering our support and expertise, we helped local businesses adapt to these technological changes, ensuring they remained competitive and resilient in an evolving digital landscape.

Ensuring business continuity...

We played a crucial role in assisting Melbourne businesses to adjust to the challenges posed by frequent COVID-19 lockdowns.

By offering vital support with Work From Home (WFH) setups and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, we ensured business continuity during a particularly tough period, helping companies maintain their operations seamlessly despite the disruptions.

We are committed to meeting your needs

We've been recognized as a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Melbourne, known for offering comprehensive IT support and solutions to businesses across various sizes.

Our commitment to continuous evolution allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of the Melbourne IT landscape, ensuring our clients receive the most up-to-date and effective support possible.

From managed IT services to bespoke software development, we've got you covered!

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