Struggling to manage IT in your healthcare practice?

In the heart of Melbourne, medical and optometry practices face unique IT challenges, from securing patient data to ensuring seamless daily operations. Unfortunately, many have been tangled in a one-size-fits-all IT service that fails to meet these specialised needs.

Picture a bustling clinic where appointment scheduling systems lag, patient records are hard to access securely, and the staff is constantly battling with outdated software. These are not just inconveniences; they're barriers to providing the care patients deserve.

Tailored IT solutions for healthcare excellence

At epochLABS, we recognise the critical role technology plays in healthcare. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing bespoke IT solutions that address the heart of medical and optometry practices' challenges.

From ensuring seamless operation of industry-specific software like SUNIX Vision and MyHealth1st to custom-built applications for health insurance comparison, our team is adept at enhancing efficiency and safeguarding patient data.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take the lead in solving IT headaches, offering both the technical expertise and the compassionate service necessary to keep your practice running smoothly.

Expertise in healthcare IT compliance

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare compliance and regulatory requirements is no small feat. At epochLABS, we specialise in this critical area, ensuring your practice meets and exceeds the stringent standards for patient data protection.

With onshore data warehousing, robust encryption methods for data in transit and at rest, and meticulous data purging protocols, we safeguard your sensitive patient health information (PHI) while complying with Australian legislation.

Our deep understanding of healthcare IT allows us to implement solutions that not only protect your data but also streamline compliance processes, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your patients.

Growing together: Scalable IT solutions

Imagine IT solutions that evolve with your practice. At epochLABS, we craft technology services that fit snugly around the unique contours of your medical or optometry practice today and stretch seamlessly to cover your needs tomorrow.

Whether you're a bustling clinic seeing an uptick in patients or a specialised optometry center embracing the latest in eye care technology, we scale our services to match.

Our custom solutions, from health insurance comparison tools to patient management systems, are designed to grow with you. We ensure your IT backbone is strong yet flexible, capable of supporting your expanding services and patient base without skipping a beat.

Why epochLABS stands out

Choosing epochLABS is like choosing a partner who's genuinely invested in your practice's success. Here’s why we’re the perfect match for you:

  • Enhanced data security and regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined operations and improved efficiency
  • Seamless integration of industry-specific software
  • Tailored solutions to meet unique business needs
  • Expertise in navigating complex regulatory requirements

Real businesses, real results: Our success stories

One of our clients was a health insurance broker that organised health insurance for both individual customers and corporate customers looking for an employee health insurance plan. They had hundreds of policies on their books with complex pricing rules and continually changing legislation around tax and rebates. They needed to keep their policy data up to date while also signing up customers efficiently, without requiring significant administration costs.

We came up with a smart fix. Our team built a solution which included a CRM/ERP as a central store of policy and customer data, with a module for keeping pricing up to date in a way that minimised duplication and data entry.

This data was then synced to a health insurance comparison site where prospective customers could compare and select a policy suited to their needs (similar to iSelect), and also included custom branded subsites aimed at specific corporate clients where employees could fill out policy applications. The new system allowed the broker to streamline their processes, improve the accuracy of their policy data, and rapidly grow their customer base, all while reducing payroll costs by 20%.

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