Struggling with IT in your TV/media biz?

In the TV & Media space, where every second counts, finding IT support that truly understands the unique challenges and rapid pace can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. From ensuring ultra-fast data transfers to maintaining high-performance editing suites, the industry demands more than just generic solutions.

It's about keeping the network humming while the creative magic happens, without interruptions or delays. But too often, services miss the mark, offering one-size-fits-all approaches that just don't cut it for the specialised needs of producers, editors, and content creators.

We offer expert IT Support to media professionals

At epochLABS, we get it. We know that in TV & Media, the show must go on—without a glitch. That's why our solutions are designed to keep up with the industry's pace, ensuring your network is always on and your editing machines are running smoothly.

With expertise in the latest hardware and software, including enterprise fibre internet and Mac Pro edit suites, we make sure you're always ahead of the curve. Plus, our hands-on experience with Teradici Cloud Access Software, SAGE 300 ERP, and Attache Accounts & Payroll Software means we're equipped to tailor our services precisely to your needs.

Navigating compliance in the media industry

In the TV & media industry, where content is king, managing compliance and regulatory requirements is just as crucial as creative talent. At epochLABS, we understand the intricate dance of staying compliant while fostering innovation. Our team is adept at navigating the complex web of industry-specific regulations, ensuring your operations are not only efficient but also fully compliant.

From data protection to copyright laws, we leverage our deep understanding of the unique challenges you face to provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating compelling content.

Custom IT solutions for your creative vision

We understand that your TV & media projects are as unique as your creative vision. That's why our IT solutions aren't off-the-rack; they're tailor-made, fitting your needs as snugly as a bespoke suit. Whether you're live-streaming a local event or editing the next hit series, we ensure your tech scales right alongside your ambitions.

Imagine having a network that grows with you, handling everything from day-to-day operations to those massive file transfers without a hiccup. And as your business evolves, so do our services, adapting to new challenges with the agility of a seasoned improviser. It's not just about solving today's problems; it's about anticipating tomorrow's, ensuring that as your audience grows, your IT backbone is always one step ahead.

Why choose epochLABS?

Choosing epochLABS means partnering with a team that puts your creative endeavors first. We're not just another service provider; we're your IT co-stars, dedicated to ensuring your tech performs as brilliantly as your content. Why us?

  • Personalised service: Our clients have direct access to senior engineers who understand and prioritise their unique needs.
  • Efficiency and reliability: With a focus on swift response times and proactive maintenance, we ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Expert guidance: Our team's expertise in compliance and regulatory matters provides invaluable support in navigating complex legal landscapes.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, our solutions seamlessly scale to accommodate increased demands, ensuring continued success.

Take your business to new heights

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