In-House vs Managed IT Services: Meanings, Functions, & Differences

March 7, 2024

Did you know that in 2023, businesses worldwide spent a whopping $731 billion on outsourcing? That's a huge number, showing just how many are looking outside their own walls to keep their tech running smoothly. This brings us to a big decision every business faces sooner or later: choosing in-house vs managed IT services. 

We're going to break down this choice, making it clear why picking the right IT support is so crucial. Whether it's keeping things in-house or going with a managed IT service, each has its perks. But why choose managed IT services over in-house? 

In house vs managed IT services: Best function and definition

In-house vs managed IT services: Definition and function

When we talk about "in-house vs managed IT services," we're diving into two distinct ways businesses handle their technology needs. 

In-house IT services mean you've got your own team in your office. These are the folks who know your systems inside out, from your daily email troubles to the big, scary system upgrades. They're part of your crew, working under the same roof and directly employed by you. The big plus? They're fully focused on your business.

On the flip side, managed IT services are like having a tech team on speed dial, but they're not sitting in your office. These services are provided by external companies specialising in IT support. They manage everything tech-related for you, from cybersecurity to data backup, all remotely. This means you don't have to worry about hiring IT staff or keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology. 

Key differences in managed IT services vs in house support

Managed services vs in-house support: Key differences in services

Navigating through the world of in-house vs managed IT services can be a bit like trying to choose the best path for your business. Now, let's explain how they're different from each other: 

What a managed service provider (MSP) offers

Managed services operate from their own spaces. But, they ensure they keep a constant eye on your systems, ensuring everything runs smoothly 24/7. Managed services cover a wide range of tasks:

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance: They're always watching, ensuring your systems are running efficiently and catching glitches before they become disasters.
  • Security management: From antivirus solutions to firewall management and data encryption, they keep the baddies out of your digital space.
  • Data backup and recovery: They protect your data like a treasure, making sure it's backed up and can be quickly restored if anything goes pear-shaped.
  • Cloud services: Managed services can move your operations to the cloud, offering flexibility and scalability without the heavy lifting on your part.
  • Strategic IT planning: They don't just focus on the now; they help you plan for the future, ensuring your IT aligns with your business goals.

What in-house integration brings to the table

Wondering which is better: in-house or managed IT services? Well, in-house support is your homegrown team, and here's what they typically handle:

  • Immediate, on-site assistance: When tech trouble hits, an in-house IT team is right there to tackle it, offering the personal touch that only a team member can.
  • Customised solutions: They build and manage IT solutions that are tailored exactly to your business's specific needs and preferences.
  • Direct collaboration with teams: Being part of the crew, they work closely with other departments, understanding the ins and outs of your business.
  • Hardware and network management: They take care of the physical tech and infrastructure, ensuring everything is connected and running smoothly.

While the debate of in-house vs managed IT services aims to keep your business's IT on track, the choice between them comes down to your business's size, budget, and specific needs. But which is better: in-house or managed IT services? Read more about it below.  

Why choose managed IT services over in-house?

Why choose managed IT services over in-house? 

Why choose managed IT services over in-house, you ask? Well, the world of IT is vast and ever-changing; thus, choosing in-house vs managed IT services can be tricky. However, keeping up can be a challenge for an in-house team, especially for SMBs. This is where managed IT services shine. 

While an in-house IT team may offer more immediate, personalised assistance, managed IT services provide a breadth of expertise, cost savings, and strategic support that can be invaluable for businesses. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific business needs, but for many, the advantages of managed IT services make it the preferred option.

Which is better: in-house or managed IT services?

Why outsource your IT services?

Outsourcing your IT services can feel like a big leap, but it's a move that is right for your business. Let's dive into the reasons why it might just be the smart choice for you.

Access to expertise and experience

One of the top reasons to outsource is to tap into a pool of expertise that might not be available in-house. Managed IT service providers are chock-full of professionals who specialise in various areas of IT. 

This means you get access to top-notch skills—from cybersecurity wizards to cloud computing gurus—without the hassle of trying to recruit these experts yourself.

Cost efficiency

The question of in-house vs managed IT services can also be a question of which is more profitable. The fact is maintaining an in-house IT team can be pricey. You've got salaries, benefits, ongoing training, and the latest tech gear to think about.

When you outsource, you typically pay a set fee for a package of services. This can be more budget-friendly, especially for SMBs that need to keep an eye on expenses. 

Focus on core business functions

So, why choose managed IT services over in-house? Let's face it, you want to focus on what your business does best, not the nitty-gritty of IT management. Outsourcing your IT lets you do just that. It takes the burden of tech-related tasks off your shoulders, allowing you to grow your business and serve your customers better.

Enhanced security and compliance

Wondering between in-house vs managed IT services? Well, with cyber threats evolving by the day, keeping your data safe is more crucial than ever. Outsourced IT services come with cybersecurity experts who are up-to-date with the latest security trends and regulations. They can help protect your business from data breaches and ensure you comply with industry standards.


Your IT needs will change as your business grows. Outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale your IT services up or down based on your current requirements. This adaptability is a huge advantage, allowing you to respond quickly to market changes or business opportunities.

Which is better: in-house or managed IT services?

Which is better: in-house or managed IT services? 

Deciding between in-house vs managed IT services boils down to what’s best for your business. MSPs are often the go-to for many businesses, and for good reason. They bring a level of expertise and a range of services that can be hard to match internally without significant investment.

From proactive monitoring and cybersecurity to cloud services and strategic IT planning, MSPs offer a comprehensive solution that can scale with your business, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

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And for the small businesses out there that are wondering why choose managed IT services over in-house, Epoch Labs is the best answer. We know how to deliver top-tier services, ensuring your tech is an asset, not a headache.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key differences between services and in-house IT support?

Services and in-house IT support differ mainly in their operation model. In-house IT support relies on an internal team, potentially limiting access to a wide range of expertise and requiring significant investment in hardware and software. Managed IT services refer to outsourcing these needs, offering a broader skill set, scalability, and often more cost-effective solutions.

How does a service level agreement benefit your business?

A service level agreement (SLA) provides businesses with a clear outline of the services offered, expectations, and accountability for managed IT services. This ensures a guaranteed level of service, including response times, resolution times, and uptime, which is crucial for maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.

What is a service model in managed IT services, and how does it work?

The service model in managed IT services is a framework that defines the way services are delivered to a client. It includes managed security, support, maintenance, and monitoring of IT infrastructure and systems. This model is designed to provide businesses with comprehensive IT support that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

Can businesses truly benefit from managed security services?

Yes, businesses can significantly benefit from managed security services. These services offer specialised security expertise, advanced security services, and constant monitoring to protect against threats. Managed security services help safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations, enhancing overall security posture.

What are the advantages of combining managed IT services and in-house IT support?

Combining managed IT services and in-house IT support allows businesses to leverage the pros and cons of in-house and managed IT services. This hybrid approach can optimise productivity, provide flexibility during business hours, and ensure comprehensive support for hardware and software.

How can your company benefit from managed IT services?

Your company can benefit from managed IT services through increased efficiency, access to a wide range of expertise, cost savings, and enhanced security. Benefits of managed IT services include allowing your in-house IT team to focus on strategic projects while outsourcing routine tasks and ensuring your IT infrastructure is modern, secure, and capable of supporting your business goals.

What should businesses consider when hiring an in-house IT team or opting for managed IT services?

When deciding between hiring an in-house IT team and opting for managed IT services, businesses should consider the pros and cons of in-house IT departments, the specific needs of their operations, the complexity of their IT infrastructure, and their long-term strategic goals. Factors such as the level of control, budget constraints, the need for specialised managed security services, and the desire for scalability should influence the decision.

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